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The Submission Window is Closing

Don’t worry, it’s only temporary.

Following the trend of other agencies, REUTS will be closing our submission window during the holidays (beginning Monday, December 19th) and into the new year. This means you have one week to submit.

Please note: This does not apply to solicited manuscripts (if we requested material through a pitch event/conference)or if you’re an agent. Any unsolicited queries sent during this time will be deleted unread, so please wait until the form reopens before submitting.

A future blog post will be made announcing when the window will reopen. Remember, you can join our Mailing List (via the form at www.REUTS.com) to be the first in the know!

Thank you again to all those who have submitted, or are thinking of submitting. We love our friends, fans and authors, and truly wouldn’t exist without you.

In the meantime, stay busy with J.M. Frey’s sequel to The Untold TaleThe Forgotten Tale. And stay tuned for a catalogue of all our books releasing in 2017!


The REUTS Team


Ashley "A.M." Ruggirello is an INFP author with glorious purple and gray hair, who currently lives in Beer and Cheese Land, Wisconsin with her husband, dog, and cat. When not lost in the fictional world of Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls; PSN: supersmaaashley), she can be found exploring design patterns and typography combinations, manipulating (hacking) website code, or with pen & paper in hand, writing her many YA and Adult novels (see below). She considers herself a designer by nature, a writer at heart, and always wanted to make video game walk-throughs as a child. (She still does. Things don't change that much.) Ashley’s favorite color is chartreuse, and she has an undeniable attraction to moss (not of the Kate variety). Ashley is represented by Mandy Hubbard of Emerald City Literary Agency.

December 6, 2016