REUTS ♥ Words!

But we are currently closed to unsolicited submissions.
A.K.A. if we requested your novel via a pitch party, contest or conference, please use the form below.
If not? Please wait until we reopen submissions in 2017. Any unsolicited submissions received will be deleted unread.

Are you an agent? We invite you to continue submitting to our editors directly!

We don’t limit ourselves within genres, but we require stories to be fictional and geared towards Young Adult and New Adult audiences. Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to any additional questions you might have.

Step One:

Read through our Submission Guidelines before submitting.


  1. Only “full-length” (50,000+ word count) novels are being considered by REUTS at the moment. REUTS does not accept submissions for short stories, anthologies, novellas, erotica, children’s books, poetry, or non-fiction. This may change in the future, though, so keep checking in periodically!
  2. Electronic submissions only. (We love our planet. Go green!)
  3. Though we won’t hold your formatting to any rigorous tests, we do ask that you keep it in a generic font (Times New Roman, Arial…) and a reasonable size (12 pt, typically).
  4. Any unsolicited submissions sent bypassing the form won’t be considered by the REUTS team, and will go unanswered.

Step Two:

Submit your work using the REUTS Submission Form:


At REUTS, we firmly believe that encouraging self-advocacy in our authors directly promotes the future success of publishing as a whole. Please feel free to research our publishing philosophies while you wait to hear from the REUTS team regarding our decision. Our average submission window is 6-10 weeks. If we have requested a full or partial manuscript from your submission and not heard back from us within that time frame, please feel free to “nudge” us by e-mailing . REUTS will no longer be responding to standard submission requests for a status update.

Please note: We are behind on our submission response time. If you haven’t heard from REUTS in 12-months, please consider it a pass.

Step Three:

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