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So, let’s talk about some new REUTS books, shall we?

These authors have been extremely patient in waiting until the reveal of our shiny new website to announce their addition to the REUTS family. Get excited, get ready, get reading!


Winter 2018 – New Adult // A young woman comes to the big city looking for work and finds it as a secretary for an employment agency providing jobs to goblins and trolls. You could say her boss is a real troll, except he’s a goblin.

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Fall 2018 – Adult //  Mira is a former fairy godmother who lost her position due to breaching the godmother-godchild relationship and kissing Prince Charming while on the job. Reduced to working as a lowly tooth fairy, she pines for her old life and old career, taking fairy godmother correspondence courses to earn back her former position. More than anything, she would like a chance to redeem herself. When she meets a bogeyman while collecting teeth, he takes her on as a client because of the unusual amount of fear energy in her system. He haunts her and threatens her chances for an internship with the Division of Fairy Godmothers. She tries a number of drastic measures to get rid of him, including dating a prince of darkness—Yeah, she has a thing for princes. Mira’s world turns upside down when she discovers the reason for her prince obsession, and ruined reputation, is a cupid love arrow stuck in her heart. If she pulls the arrow, can she use it as evidence against those who caused her downfall? And how will pulling it affect her relationship with her current prince? Only when Mira learns to accept help from the bogeyman to get over her fears, can she act on her fairy godmother nature, helping others as well as herself.

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SPEAK THE OCEAN (Rebecca Enzor)

Fall 2018 – Adult // The Mer, as they’re known, make for a great theme park attraction. But they are feral monsters, and nothing like the mermaids from movies. And everyone knows they are emotionless creatures who don’t speak, certainly don’t sing, and are as deadly and unforgiving as the sharks they inhabit the ocean with.

That is, until one of them talks.

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Fall 2018 – Young Adult // Theo Corbin wakes up disoriented, bruised, and branded, discovering that he and a handful of other boys are prisoners in a vast, escape-proof underground labyrinth. All the boys share one trait: they possess a genetic marker that makes them the most valuable commodity on earth. Brutalized by guards, forced to battle his peers for the entertainment of his captors, and earmarked for early death to ensure his kidnappers’ immortality, Theo loses all hope for survival . . . unless the girl who has been haunting his dreams can follow him to the heart of the maze and help him find his way to freedom.

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UNROOTED (Sarah Viehmann)

Winter 2018 – New Adult // When the sacred tree of Prinţesa Nevea of Izolat burns down, the cursed gardener Pomona discovers a magic mirror beneath its roots that reveals a dangerous secret about the prinţesa, her family, and Pomona’s own deadly touch. Forced by a murder plot to flee into the forest with the prinţesa, Pomona tries to convince Nevea that her trusted adviser, Appius, is responsible for the threat. But the seven dwarven followers of Appius who have given Nevea shelter are determined to keep her in the dark and vulnerable. With the help of their ethereal guardian Delia, a talking horse, and a huntress without hands, Pomona and Nevea must survive the forest and escape to the southern nation before the seven false friends succeed in killing them.

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Ashley "A.M." Ruggirello is an INFP author with glorious purple and gray hair, who currently lives in Beer and Cheese Land, Wisconsin with her husband, dog, and cat. When not lost in the fictional world of Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls; PSN: supersmaaashley), she can be found exploring design patterns and typography combinations, manipulating (hacking) website code, or with pen & paper in hand, writing her many YA and Adult novels (see below). She considers herself a designer by nature, a writer at heart, and always wanted to make video game walk-throughs as a child. (She still does. Things don't change that much.) Ashley’s favorite color is chartreuse, and she has an undeniable attraction to moss (not of the Kate variety). Ashley is represented by Mandy Hubbard of Emerald City Literary Agency.