The Movement

We’ve never met. We may never meet. But there’s one thing binding REUTS— our authors, our teammates, our visitors— together. You’re here for that very same reason. You often find yourself lost in a world of letters, words and punctuation. You thrive with pen and paper in hand. More importantly: you want to make a difference.

That’s the REUTS movement.

Our team has banded together from across the globe: we’re in Wisconsin, California, Australia, and beyond . . .

The traditional publishing industry has been around for ages. But we’re in an exciting new time. A time of change. A digital, fast-paced age where information is available at our fingertips, and getting the word out is easier than ever before. But, even more than that, we’re able to connect with people hundreds of thousands of miles away. Able to form a family of people with like interests, people that would never have met, otherwise.

That’s the REUTS movement.

A collective of book lovers, creative writers, and individuals.


So, how can you join the REUTS movement?

There are multiple ways you can help independent publishers and authors, not limited to the REUTS family.

  • Are you a member of your local Public Library? An easy way you can help is by requesting new books! Most Public Library websites have a request form, and they can easily purchase from a distributor to stock their bookshelves. It’s quick, easy and free!
  • Request at your local brick-and-mortar. Another easy request you can make is through your local, physical bookstore. All REUTS books are searchable in the Ingram Catalogue, and by making a simple request you can help the author see their books on the shelves.
  • Leave a review. Independents thrive on word-of-mouth and positive feedback. If you liked a book, leave the author a review on Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes & Nobel. Have a blog? Even better! Post your review, or even reach out to the publisher or author, directly, for an interview, deleted scene, etc . . . Most will be more than willing to oblige!
  • Tweet. Like. Share. A simple click of the button can spread a message far and wide. It’s the proverbial domino-effect. One becomes ten, which becomes one hundred, which becomes . . . you get the picture.
  • Purchase directly from the publisher to save them the distribution and costs of using a service like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, etc . . . When you download or order a book straight from the publisher’s website, they receive the full retail price. It’s small, but it’s a big help that does add up, not only for them, but for the author, too.

Want more?

Join the REUTS Street Team and spread the word! Enter your email below, and we’ll set you up with all the “kits” necessary to print and take to the streets. Things like posters, press releases, forms to request REUTS books at your local brick-and-mortar shop, etc. . .

Pick your color

Below are three REUTS Movement badges, in white, gray or green. If you’ve joined the Movement and want to show your pride, grab one and display it on your website, blog, social media, etc . . . Please make sure you link it back to, so others can learn of our cause!

(Want a different color? Just request it and a team member will get it for you!)


Join the movement, get REUTed in an amazing book!