Submission Guidelines


REUTS welcomes all full-length novels written for the Young Adult and New Adult audiences. We are interested in diversifying our collection with genres across the spectrum, from authors in every corner of the globe. This includes any age, ethnicity, gender, location, sexual orientation, ability, and class.

We consider a full-length novel to be over 50,000 words, and won’t consider any manuscripts with word counts below that. There is no maximum word count; however, we tend to follow the traditional guidelines for genre length (for example, fantasy novels are typically longer than romance, etc . . .).

We also will not publish anthologies, short stories, middle grade, poetry, non-fiction or erotic titles. If your novel falls outside of our requirements, we simply won’t be able to publish it, regardless of the number of awards or praise it has garnered. So please ensure your novel fits our stated interests before querying.

How to submit?

Any unsolicited submissions must be sent using our submission form. Please follow our guidelines carefully and be sure to fill out all the required fields.

Can we query multiple manuscripts?

Yes, but please understand that our read and response time for each does not change. Each query will be treated individually.

Can we query simultaneous submissions?

You mean, can you send us a manuscript you’ve already sent to other publishers or agents? Yes, but please be sure to let us know as soon as possible if your manuscript is no longer available for representation. We also urge you to query either publishers OR agents, not both at the same time. This is a common courtesy to both parties involved.

Do you really read our submissions?

Yes, we really do. Once we’ve finished evaluating the submission, we make sure to respond with either a positive or not-so-positive verdict. Please note that a manuscript has to go through multiple hands and multiple rounds, which increases the read and response time on our end. If you make it past the first round, it has to be read and reviewed by a new set of eyes, which means the longer you wait, the higher up in the process it has traveled.

We welcome friendly “nudges” inquiring whether or not we have read and reviewed your story, especially if you have been waiting longer than nine months. Although, if you haven’t heard from us and are wondering if we’ve read your submission yet, the answer is “probably not.” Sending us a nudge does take more time out of our day (time we could be using to read your submission), so please be considerate when emailing.

Why haven’t we heard from you?

If you read the response above, we are slow. But we don’t mean to be. It’s a by-product of our review process. Each submission must pass through a preliminary review before it is given to all five of our department directors, who then have to read, respond, and vote. A decision is only final once everyone on the panel has weighed in, which, understandably, takes some time. We appreciate your patience as we move through our submissions, though, and will strive to do so at an appropriate (and realistic) speed.

Why can’t you tell me now?

If you push for a decision immediately, the answer will be a rejection. Patience is key when querying publishing houses, and our directors (who make the final decision) have full-time responsibilities in other disciplines of the company and cannot always dedicate time to your manuscript immediately. We apologize for this inconvenience and understand that some of you may not have the ability/time to wait for us. If you decide to pursue publication elsewhere, please just send us an email with “WITHDRAWN:” and your manuscript title in the subject, and we will remove your query from the system.


Please read through our FAQs for more answers to your publishing and REUTS questions.